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Specialized Units

Auxilio Cardiovascular Center

Auxilio Mutuo Hospital puts at your disposition the most complete center for cardiac diseases in the Caribbean. Our ample and modern facilities combine technology with specialized equipment along with a faculty that is committed with cardiovascular health. Our services include invasive and non-invasive cardiovascular studies. Educational clinics are given regularly by our cardiac specialists to educate about prevention and patient care.


Chest pain program

The chest pain program channels specialized attention for cardiovascular emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the arrival to our Emergency Room. Our chest pain program has the latest protocols and exams necessary to identify your situation according to the American heart Association. This way we can guarantee your needs will be met.

Non-invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory

At the Non-invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory on the first floor of our institution, we offer a variety of services aimed at diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Patients have multiple diagnostic services at their disposition.


Invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory

At the Invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory we have services and the most advanced invasive cardiovascular technology in Puerto Rico. The goal of the invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory is to provide services from committed health professionals that are available twenty-four hours a day give patients the attention they require, according to the severity of their condition.


As you may see, our laboratory is one of the most complete in the Caribbean, since we offer so many options to treat different cardiac conditions.

Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Lab

At our Electrophysiology lab, studies and procedures are done pertaining to the electric conduction of the heart. The patient receives treatment to fix any anomaly or arrhythmia, bait a heart that is beating too fast (tachycardia) or slow (bradycardia) or irregularly.

At our cardiovascular electrophysiology lab we have the most specialized equipment in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to diagnose and treat the severity of a condition according to the electric activity of the heart. Electrophysiological studies (electric conduction)


Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiac Surgeons offer a wide range of services for heart and lung surgery. Technical and nursing personnel with the necessary training assist the surgeons in these processes that are performed with the most advanced technology in modern operation rooms.


Invasive Radiology Lab

Invasive Radiology is a subspecialty of radiology and is used to diagnose and treat medical conditions through minimally invasive methods. At the Invasive Radiology Lab, we have interventional and vascular radiologist that are certified in diagnostic and interventional radiology by the “American board of radiology with a Certificate of Additional Qualification in Minimally Invasive Procedures.


Cardiovascular Intensive unit and the Intensive Coronary unit

The Cardiovascular intensive unit and the Intensive Coronary unit are specialized units in their own class with equipment designed to monitor cardiac function after a surgery and or cardiac procedures. The multidisciplinary equipment of these units offers individual services to their patients in order to guarantee a successful recovery.

Telemetry Unit

The Telemetry Unit is equipped with wireless technology that allows private monitoring of cardiac rhythm of out patients from a remote station. Patients can enjoy more privacy while being constantly monitored. Our unit is located on the seventh floor of the Milagrosa Building.

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