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Auxilio Cancer Center

Auxilio Cancer Center is a unique concept in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean that holds a prominent position in the hemisphere.

The Center has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals that analyzes and investigates each case to achieve a complete diagnosis and plan accurate treatment.

Currently, the Breast Cancer Program of Auxilio Cancer Center was accredited by the NAPBC (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers), becoming the only such program in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and the first outside of the United States to receive this accreditation. With a score of 100% in the 28 evaluated areas, the program is ranked among the top accredited centers in the United States. In addition, it is the first and only center of its kind, outside of the US, to be certified by Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, an affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Quality Oncology Practice Initiative

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers


Our Cancer Center offers the highest quality multidisciplinary oncological services, with the best standards of excellence.

Early Cancer Detection Clinics

The Clinics are ideal for people who do not present any symptoms, but are interested in learning about any condition that may affect them, particularly when they have a family history of cancer. The clinics include the breast, prostate and colon cancer clinics. 

Medical Oncology Clinics

Oncology specialists offer consultations to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are seeking a second opinion or who find an abnormality in their body and want to be clinically evaluated in order to confirm or rule out the diagnosis. Also available are specialists in oncological surgery and oncological gynecology who specialize in treating patients diagnosed with cancer in the female reproductive system.

Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic

Auxilio Cancer Center offers a unique concept in evaluation and diagnosis for breast cancer patients. To outline a systematic and uniform evaluation, the Multidisciplinary Clinic offers patients the opportunity to be evaluated and counseled by specialists (radiologists, breast surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radio-oncologists, internists, clinical psychologists) who treat the condition, and who meet on a weekly basis to discuss each case. The goal of the Multidisciplinary Clinic is to structure an appropriate, individualized action plan for your case in as little time as possible.

The Multidisciplinary Clinic is an excellent alternative for evaluating patients at high risk of developing breast cancer reflected by radiology studies (category four or five) or who have a prominent family history of breast cancer.

Auxilio’s Arturo Díaz Márquez Chemotherapy Center 

The Auxilio Cancer Center staff is specialized in administering chemotherapy treatment to outpatients. Their individualized rooms provide a comfortable, private environment for patients and their companion during treatment.

Clinical Psychology Clinics

Auxilio Cancer Center also offers services by clinical psychology professionals who provide emotional support to patients diagnosed with cancer and to their family members.

Volunteer Corps

A Volunteer Corps that has also joined the multidisciplinary team at Auxilio Cancer Center, dedicate valuable time to help make staying at the Center more pleasant for patients and their relatives.


Would you like to make a financial contribution to Auxilio Cancer Center?  

Each donation is vital in the fight against cancer.

As a non-profit institution, our main goal is to offer our patients excellent medical service. Your invaluable contribution will help maintain and strengthen important initiatives, such as:

  • The Patient Assistance Program - helps pay for the medical care of patients who do not have the financial means to pay the deductibles of necessary services not covered by health insurance companies, such as PetScans.
  • Educational and support activities for patients and their relatives.
  • The “Yo Puedo” (I Can) support program provides a personal trainer specialized in oncology patients as well as psychological services.
  • A clinic specialized in breast cancer, educational fairs, socializing events for patients, etc.

Scientific Research and Education

The Auxilio Cancer Center is always seeking new and better ways to provide health services. Our patients are often the first to benefit from the new ideas, techniques, medications, devices, and services developed through scientific research aimed mainly at supporting the fight against cancer and developing new prevention and treatment therapies.

Phone: 787.758.2000, ext. 3509

Payment options: We accept personal, corporate or manager’s checks.  Please do not send cash. Donations must be made out to Auxilio Centro de Cáncer.

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