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Auxilio Liver and Pancreas Surgery Center

The new and advanced hepatobiliary surgery techniques of the surgeons who are a part of the Hospital’s Medical Faculty, have made possible the development and growth of the only referral Center for patients requiring hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries.

Hospital Español Auxilio Mutuo has dedicated two operating rooms for this type of specialized procedure, and patients benefit from post-op care by highly trained staff in the hospital’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit.


Liver Surgery 

  •     Tumor ablation treatment with radiofrequency 
  •     Shunt surgeries 
  •     Laparoscopy surgery 
  •     Resections 
  •     Benign tumors and liver cysts 
  •     Embolization 

Biliary Surgery 

  •     Bile tract resectioning and reconstruction 
  •     Repair of damage to bile ducts
  •     Gall bladder and bile tract carcinoma (cholangiocarcinoma)
  •     Bile tract cysts 
  •     Bile duct damage and narrowing 
  •     Surgical draining for recurring abscesses and infections 

Pancreatic Surgery 

  • Treatment of acute pancreatitis 
  • Resections of pancreatic tumors
    • Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple)
    • Distal pancreatectomy
    • Partial pancreatectomy
  • Pancreatic pseudocysts 
  • Draining procedures for chronic pancreatitis 
  • Resection of retroperitoneal tumors 
  • Longitudinal Pancreaticojejunostomy (Puestow) 

We are committed to offering high quality treatment and excellent care that is affordable for our community. We are at your service.

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