Auxilio Global Health

Hospital Services

Utilization and Case Management

Our Case Management and Discharge Planning Department is comprised of nursing professionals and physician consultants who assist patients and their family members with the continuity of care during their hospital stay and once they have been discharged.

Case managers and physician consultants work together with the medical faculty and other support services/departments to promote the quality and cost-effectiveness of our services. The staff is responsible for channeling the clinical and social needs of patients and for coordinating the services needed for their recovery, rehabilitation, and day-to-day independence once they return home.

Our case managers have the knowledge and skills to coordinate the intrahospital services and/or community agency services needed once the doctor discharges a patient.  Also, the Case Management Department is the link between the patient, the hospital, and the health insurance companies in the coordination of services and procedures, according to their eligibility criteria and coverage.