Auxilio Global Health

Hospital Services

Social Work Department

Social Work is a fundamental element of the multidisciplinary team as it serves as a consultant or adviser on the psychosocial problems identified in admitted patients or those who come to receive services at an outpatient level in our Institution.

We have a trained staff to identify and intervene with the psychosocial needs of the patient and his / her family during the acute, critical and / or recovery phases of their disease.

Their professional interventions are directed to refer and coordinate with the multidisciplinary team of the Hospital and with the agencies of the community, the psychosocial services necessary for the patient and his family for the continuity of his care and for the functional integration of this in his social-family environment. They coordinate services that help the patient to effectively manage the impact of the disease in the acute or chronic phase taking into account the impact in the different stages of growth and development.