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Volunteer Program

Hospital Auxilio Mutuo’s Volunteer Program is a non-profit organization, established the 15th of August 1990, with educational, charitable and humanitarian purposes. The organization is registered in the State Department of Puerto Rico since the 21st of November 2006. The organization is built upon the highest values of service and ethics, and our aim is respect, confidentiality and the care of the lives of those we serve. 

Our vision prevail as a program of excellence in volunteer, educational, charitable and humanitarian services. Our mission provide voluntary services to the Hospital and the general community without any monetary remunerating with the goal of giving relief to the needy, all under a moral, ethical and Christian framework.

Want to be a member of our program?
Our program consists of those who genuinely wish to serve and request to be a part of it. Possible volunteers will be evaluated and must comply with the rules of recruitment and training of the Program and the Hospital. The candidate must be over 18 years of age and must submit his application to the Program in writing and through our entry form. The candidate must go through the 24-hour training and evaluation process. Entry will be determined once the candidate has finished and passed the capacitation program. $15.00 will be requested from the candidate to cover administrative services.

The volunteer or candidate will receive orientation and mentoring about the services provided during his or her service at the Hospital. There is a 90-day provisional evaluation period. Due to the nature of the service, the volunteer does not receive a salary or remuneration. Also, the Health Certificate of the candidate must be up to date (our Hospital offers these services oat a low cost).

Volunteers receive a uniform, one meal during their 4-hour service term, a parking card, accident insurance with coverage while deeds are being performed at the Hospital and other benefits after completing a year of volunteer work.

Duties and Rights
The volunteer will offer services for a minimum of 16 hours a month, four consecutive hours a day, corresponding to the assigned job program. It is important to complete all the hours. You must attend the meetings convened by the program and the Hospital and collaborate in the fundraising activities. The volunteer must notify the assistant Director of the Program of any absence, vacation or sickness or personal situations that may not allow them to fulfill their duties. Also, personal activities may not be promoted inside the Hospital. The volunteer that decides to retire, or drop out of the program must return the identification card, the parking card and the uniform.

Task Assignment
The volunteer will be assigned to work in the area or department where services are most needed or required and where he or she can develop his or her capacities to the greatest extent. The program Director or his or her representative will make this assignment, after consulting with the volunteer. Among the services a volunteer may offer are the following: cheer up patients, help and support the patients and their families, give spiritual assistance, help with certain services such as television connection, phone, purchasing of personal items, bring food to family members, find lower priced parking, providing security for the patient among others.

Preparation of Volunteers
The volunteer must be physically, mentally and spiritually aligned with our service objective. His or her appearance, neatness and clothing must give a good impression to everyone in the Hospital. The volunteer must know the regulations and inform accordingly to our needs, all promoting a good environment in the hospital’s community.