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30/09/2013 Auxilio Mutuo Gives a "Blue Dawn" to its Cervical Cancer Patients Descargar
13/09/2013 Auxilio Mutuo Hospital Joined the "Tour of Life 2013" in Support of LifeLink Puerto Rico Descargar
13/09/2013 Auxilio Radiotherapy Center Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence in Service Descargar
23/08/2013 El Meson Sandwiches Adopts Auxilio Cancer Center Patients Descargar
19/08/2013 38 Premature Babies Graduate from Auxilio Mutuo Descargar
17/08/2013 Auxilio Mutuo Radiotherapy Center Offers Advanced Treatments Against Prostate and Breast Cancer Descargar
09/08/2013 Auxilio Mutuo and Bella Vista Hospital offer New Bronchial Thermoplasty Procedure to Control Severe Long-Term Asthma Descargar
03/07/2013 Auxilio Mutuo Remodels Medical Facilities for its Members Descargar
01/07/2013 Innovation in Hospital Services Dedicated to the Health of Infants and Young Children Descargar
20/06/2013 Spectacular Fundraising Event "Celebrando a Todo Son" for Auxilio Cancer Center Patients Descargar
14/06/2013 The "Celebrando a Todo Son" Event is on its Way Descargar
13/06/2013 "Celebrando a Todo Son" Fundraising Event for Auxilio Cancer Center Patients Descargar
19/03/2013 Auxilio Mutuo: 130 Years of Historic Significance Providing Excellent Hospital Services in Puerto Rico Descargar