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The Radiation Oncology Center is located in the surroundings of the hospital and is part of Auxilio Mutuo Hospital's corporate group. The specialized services that this organization provides complement the services that the Hospital has available for patients with a cancer diagnosis. The radiation therapy center is among the largest facilities in the Caribbean with innovative equipment and technologies, excellent and wide physical facilities (24, 000 square feet) and a highly trained staff to provide radiation therapy services.



TrueBeam is the most advanced system for the treatment of radiation therapy and radiosurgery. This Varian Medical Systems linear accelerator was designed to apply high doses of radiation with precision in fractions of a millimeter, carefully targeting tumors with the capacity of avoiding nearby healthy tissue and organs.

With the Varian TrueBeam system, treatments can be done with ease, precision and unparalleled speed. This technology allows the application of fast and accurate image-guided treatments in just minutes.

TrueBeam provides treatment options for patients who otherwise might not have been candidates for traditional radiotherapy. It also offers healthcare professionals the necessary tools to treat complex cancer cases.

Why is speed important?

Faster radiotherapy treatments can be easier for the patient because they do not need to stay still for long periods of time. TrueBeam offers the possibility of improving the patient’s comfort, by reducing the time it takes to administer the IMRT and other highly precise forms of radiation therapy.

How accurate is it really?

Its accuracy is measured in increments of less than a millimeter. This precision is possible thanks to a sophisticated architecture of the system that synchronizes the images, the position of the patient, the management of the movement, the formation of the beam and the administration of the dose. The system performs precision checks every ten milliseconds during the entire treatment.

What kind of treatments can be performed with TrueBeam?

TrueBeam offers many forms of advanced treatments, including image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and RapidArc® and Gated RapidArc radiotherapy technology. The ability to choose between these different modalities of treatment represents a level of flexibility to adapt innovative treatments of radiation therapy. With TrueBeam, doctors can design treatments for each patient’s specific case.

For more information about the TrueBeam system, you can visit or view our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Calypso System, GPS for the Body® 

For the treatment of prostate cancer, Auxilio Mutuo Radiation Oncology Center offers the best system available. Known as the GPS for the body®, the Calypso system maintains the radiation focused directly on the tumor and not on the healthy tissue surrounding it.

The Calypso system tracks with accuracy and precision the position of the target tissue in real-time using radiofrequency waves. It is the only real-time technology for radiation therapy of prostate that offers protection against additional or unnecessary radiation. In a recent clinical study, Calypso patients showed a significant reduction in side effects. With Calypso, you can be sure that you are receiving the most advanced treatment and that the tumor receives the maximum amount of radiation to fight against the cancer.

Why is tracking the tumor in real-time so important?

It is important due to the fact that the functions of the body such as digestion and breathing, can make the bodies move, in the same way, the prostate tumor can move to the outside and inside of the beam path of radiation during therapy.

When the tumor moves of the path of the beam, healthy tissue receives radiation, which can cause the development of side effects, such as rectal or bowel problems, irritation, or urinary incontinence, and erectile dysfunction. At the same time, the tumor receives less radiation and this may alter the effectiveness of the therapy.

How does Calypso work?

Through a quick outpatient process, three small Beacon® transponders, each one the size of a grain of rice, are implanted in the prostate. The Calypso system and the Beacon® transponders work together during each radiation session to communicate the exact location of the prostate tumor. If the tumor moves away from the radiation beam, the therapist immediately receives an alert and can stop the treatment to properly adjust to the tumor's position and continue the procedure.

The Calypso system is approved by the 510 (k) section of the FDA for use in the prostate.

For more information on the Calypso system please visit: and

3D Conformal and Modulated Intensity Treatment (IMRT)

We have a Clinac 21 EX linear accelerator and the Varian TrueBeam system, with the capacity to provide conformal (3D Conformal) and intensity modulated electron radiotherapy (IMRT). The IMRT is an advanced high precision therapy that allows you to manage higher doses of radiation with better protection of critical organs adjacent to the tumor.

IGRT Treatment 

"Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), is an even more precise form of IMRT used to fight cancer.

HDR Treatment

We offer High Dose Rate brachytherapy treatment (HDR) that allows temporary implants of radioactive sources near or directly on the tumor.

Professional Staff

The Professional staff of Auxilio Mutuo Radiation Oncology Center is composed of a first class medical team, which consists of four Radiation Oncologists:

Vanessa Marcial, MD: A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Marcial completed her specialty at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Board Certified in Radiation Oncology by the Amercian Board of Radiology and chosen for the Buena Vida Doctor's Choice Awards for eight consecutive years.

Roberto Santiago, MD: A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Santiago completed his specialty at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Board Certified in Radiation Oncology by the American Board of Radiology and chosen for the Buena Vida Doctor's Choice Awards.

Gloria Arroyo Bosch, MD: A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Arroyo Bosch completed her specialty at the University Hospital of the University of Puerto Rico and in the Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont.

Lawrence Sheplan, MD: A graduate of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Sheplan completed his specialty at the Cleveland Clinic and is Board Certified in Radiation Oncology by the American Board of Radiology.

Luis Rivera Hernández, MMSC: Director of the Physics Department, Mr. Rivera Hernández trained at Emory University in Atlanta and is certified in Therapeutic Medical Physics by the American Board of Radiology.

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